Fridge Repairs in Dubai

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Refrigerator Repair Dubai

UAE Maintenance is a trusted, family-owned domestic refrigeration business that has been providing excellent, affordable service to Dubai fridges and freezers for over 10 years.

Most of our work is completed at your home, however should we need to take your appliance away for repair we will provide you with a loan one at no cost.

Where we differ from our competitors is in the initial phone call. Our knowledgeable team can diagnose the issue over the phone and provide you with an estimated cost to repair… all for free, before a mechanic even visits your home!

We are highly trained experts in domestic refrigeration and our work meets all industry standards. You can be sure by choosing us you are doing what is right for yourself and the environment.

Let us take care of all your Emergency and Non-Emergency services. We charge a callout fee of DHS 100.